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2012-09-15 05:47:22 by metalheart1991

I've had a bunch of comments on my artwork that people don't like the fact i cant edit. just because i lack computer skills and only know how to photograph the image i draw doesn't mean it should be slated for that reason. i admit if i could edit they would look better online. But in my A3 sketchbook i feel it looks much more real :)


yes hello everyone.

2012-09-09 06:24:53 by metalheart1991
ziltoid wants you to be my fan :D

yes hello everyone.

new music

2011-09-30 14:21:22 by metalheart1991

so :)
threat signal have an awsome new ablum out! as do in flames, trivium and machine head ^_^
i have to say i am surprised i enjoy triviums new stuff i thought they were a bit shit before now :)
most ecited album coming out in december time is..... *drum roooooll* MOONSPELL! if you dont know them and you arent a chav check them out :)
i know most of you people on here are gamers and what not and i too am a nerd :) but music... is WAY more important ^_^

happie dekie

2010-04-07 12:34:15 by metalheart1991

decky is so cool he makes me drool :D
but ye ur ded coz u fart on me.